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Telecom Italia wins tender worth over 200 million euro to build a new telecommunications network for the italian post

05/24/2006 - 12:00 PM

The four-year contract was awarded because of the offer’s high technical profile and will see the construction of one of Europe’s most extensive corporate telecommunications networks

Telecom Italia has won a contract to plan and build new Broadband telecommunications network infrastructure for the Italian Post (Poste Italiane), which will connect 14,000 corporate offices and 60,000 public post offices across the country.

The contract, worth over 200 million euro, was awarded because of the offer’s high technical profile. It is for four years and calls for the development of one of Europe’s most extensive corporate telecommunications networks, based on the most advanced fixed and mobile network technologies and capable of handling over 4 billion operations a year.

The new infrastructure built by Telecom Italia will allow Poste Italiane to deliver all its services (including the most innovative, based on the integration of voice, data and video) from offices all over the country. In particular, calls originating from approximately 65,000 telephones will be channelled via IP networks (using VoIP technology). The network will also allow Poste Italiane to offer customers mobile services, via standard mobile phones or new generation handsets.

As a result of this agreement, Poste Italiane will benefit from Telecom Italia’s new convergent services and new value-added services. This competitive advantage will allow Poste Italiane to develop a rich and innovative range of services for the general public, companies and the public sector.


Milan, 24 May 2006