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Telecom Italia: Agreement with SKY for films on “ALICE HOME TV”

01/23/2006 - 12:00 PM

Sky cinema channels available on Telecom Italia’s TV via the Internet service.
New films in addition to over 400 movies available following agreements with major Italian and international film companies.
 “Alice Home TV” rolled out to another 17 cities from February to reach a total of around 4 million Italian households

Telecom Italia and Sky have signed an agreement to make Sky’s film channels available on “Alice Home TV”, Telecom Italia’s TV via the Internet service, starting during the month of February.

Top Italian and international films will be broadcast on Sky Cinema 1, Sky Cinema 2, Sky Cinema 3, Sky Cinema Autore, Sky Cinema Max, Sky Cinema 16:9, Sky Cinema Classics, Studio Universal and Rai Sat Cinema World.

The agreement with Sky enhances Alice Home TV’s film offerings, adding to a video library of 400 “on demand” films from major Italian and international film production companies.

Subscriptions to the cinema offering cost €16 per month (including VAT). Customers can sign up when they activate the “Alice Home TV” IPTV service, or take out a subscription at a later date via the TV screen.

Initially launched in Bologna, Milan, Palermo and Rome last December, the “Alice Home TV” service is being rolled out to a total of around 4 million households in a further 17 Italian cities this February (Alessandria, Bari, Biella, Brescia, Cagliari, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Modena, Naples, Padua, Reggio Emilia, Sondrio, Turin, Trieste, Venice and Verona).

“Alice Home TV” is Telecom Italia’s TV via Internet (IPTV) service that allows people to watch films, sport, news and music on their TVs via a normal telephone line, and enjoy broadband Internet access too.


Milan, January 23, 2006