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Telecom Italia: “Big Brother 6” available exclusively on Rosso Alice, TV via the Internet and TIM mobile phones

01/12/2006 - 12:00 PM

Daily life in Italy’s famous reality show house can be viewed 24 hrs a day from Thursday, January 19, live on the internet, IPTV and TIM mobile phones

Voting to eliminate nominated contestants on the Web, by text message and from fixed-line telephones

From January 19 Telecom Italia will be broadcasting Italy’s “Big Brother” show 24 hours a day. Fans will be able to follow the sixth edition of the reality show exclusively on their home computers via the Rosso Alice broadband portal (http://www.rossoalice.it/), “on the small screen” via Alice Home TV (the brand new TV via Internet service), and “on the move” on TIM phone handsets.

Five video windows on the Rosso Alice portal and Alice Home TV will be broadcasting footage from cameras dotted around the house. Big Brother fans can customize what they view and change which camera they want to follow at any time.

A special section on Rosso Alice is dedicated to the reality show. Viewers can watch the event live, view a video archive of highlights, access the photo gallery, read about the contestants, watch contestant video interviews, access the news area and take part in polls. Content is streamed on http://www.rossoalice.it/. The Rosso Alice and Virgilio communities offer an opportunity to interact with competitors who have been kicked out of the house, or to video chat with other fans throughout the live broadcast period.

Anyone with an ADSL connection can follow Big Brother 6 on Rosso Alice for the entire duration of the reality show for €10 (including VAT), or else pay €1 per day (including VAT). Viewer polls, the photo gallery, contestant info and all news items are available free of charge.

Big Brother 6 is included in the basic Alice Home TV package for customers who receive the new IPTV service.

Viewers can also follow Big Brother 6 on their mobile phones. On the TIM WAP portal viewers can watch live footage from the house, follow what the contestants are up to, and watch the weekly show every Thursday evening. TIM customers can also chat with like-minded people in the TimCafè community in the dedicated Big Brother forum.

Telecom Italia customers can play an active part in the reality show and vote to eliminate one of the nominated contestants. Voting preferences may be cast on the internet on Rosso Alice, by text message from TIM mobile phones, or from a fixed-line network phone by calling 48421 at a cost of €1 (including VAT).

Milan, January 12, 2006