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Telecom Italia: Initial tranche of TIM savings Shares Stock loan returned

04/29/2005 - 09:00 AM

Stock lending agreement announced to the market on January 23   

Telecom Italia announces that 15 million TIM savings shares, representing the first tranche of a stock lending agreement for an aggregate of 37 million TIM savings shares announced to the market on January 23 and February 3, were returned today on schedule. The second tranche of 22 million TIM savings shares falls due and will be returned on May 16.

Following the return of the stock today, Telecom Italia's holding of TIM savings share capital is reduced from 54.16% (corresponding to 71,526,943 savings shares) to 42.80% (corresponding to 56,526,943 savings shares).


Milan, 29 April, 2005