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Telecom Italia: TE.SS takes over human resource functions

11/06/2000 - 12:00 PM

Implementing a plan drawn up by its Human Resources unit, Telecom Italia has recently set up TE.SS - TELE PAYROLL SERVICES S.p.A., a company to handle personnel administration services for all Telecom Italia Group companies.

TE.SS., which has already been operational since 1 November for the parent company, Telecom Italia, will within the next 20 months take on the administration of all employees who work for Group companies. It will also offer its services to companies outside the Group.

TE.SS. draws upon professional and technological know-how built up by Telecom Italia. The company employs 350 persons specialized in administration and running the unit´s IT support system.

TE.SS. will guarantee the quality of services offered to Group companies, offering cost/benefits in line with market standards. The establishment of TE.SS. will enable Telecom Group companies to reduce the costs of administration by up to 40 percent, and develop innovative and technologically advanced services.