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Board of Directors

NamePositionNationalityAppointedProposed byIndipendentSustainability and Strategies CommitteeControl and Risk CommitteeNomination and Remuneration CommitteeRelated Parties Committee
Luigi GubitosiChief Executive OfficerItalian2018Elliott X   
Salvatore RossiChairmanItalian  XX   
Alfredo AltavillaDirectorItalian2018ElliottX  Chairman
Paola BonomoDirectorItalian2018Elliott
X  X 
Frank CadoretDirectorFrench2019Vivendi X   
Giuseppina CapaldoDirectorItalian2018VivendiX  XX
Maria Elena CappelloDirectorItalian2018ElliottX   X
Massimo Ferrari
Paola Giannotti de PontiDirectorItalian2018ElliottX Chairwoman  
Marella MorettiDirectorItalian2018VivendiX X X
Lucia MorselliDirectorItalian2018ElliottX X Chairwoman
Dante RosciniDirectorItalian2018ElliottX   X
Arnaud Roy de PuyfontaineDirectorFrench2018Vivendi X   
Rocco SabelliDirectorItalian2018ElliottXX X 
Michele ValensiseDirectorItalian2018VivendiX XX 
  • Actually the average tenure of the BoD is 1.5 years

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