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Grow at TIM

The people who work at TIM represent a huge wealth of skills, motivation, potential and experience.

That is why our fundamental goal is to motivate them, enhance their skills and build a growth path for them based on their experience and personal aptitudes. Here are the main tools we use to achieve these goals. 

Assessing potential

Allows the individual to get a snapshot of a certain point in their professional career, highlighting their areas of strength and those to improve. Feedback is fundamental for the individual, because it helps them to acquire greater awareness of their own skills and is an important starting point for building a development path for working on any areas that require improvement.

Performance Management

Our performance management system applies to everyone who works at TIM and aims to monitor and develop the implementation of activities/projects and the associated skills required.

TIM's Performance Management uses the multirater approach where everybody is assessed, but at the same time are also assessors: indeed, everyone has the opportunity for self-assessment, assessing their manager and being assessed by their line manager and colleagues. 

Job Posting

Working in a large company allows you to change role several times without having to change jobs! Through Job Posting it is possible to apply for a position within the TIM Group and start a new adventure by working on different activities and projects. Job Rotation provides the chance to acquire skills through new experiences in the field and allows you to develop professional career paths in certain areas.

In the process of organizational positions coverage, we favour the recourse to internal successors identified through the Succession Planning system.

For each successor the readiness is evaluated to cover specific organizational roles or for the growth towards more complex roles.

The recourse to the external market is used with reference to expressed intention by the top management or for lack of a ready replacement in the short-medium term.

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