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You learn something new every day – especially if you work at TIM!

In 2019  we provided no less than 1,006,638 hours of training, involving more than 39,000 people, 93.8% of our staff.

How did we do it? Thanks to our TIM Academy, TIM's corporate university with its nine physical offices in Italy and an online multi-device training platform, always available and accessible, with personalised learning plans based on the individual and their role, an training offer that is open to all and guided self-learning courses for specialist skills and roles.

The transformation of the TLC sector, towards digital company models, the evolution of infrastructures and the market challenges that come with developing innovative new digital services, are profoundly changing the labour market. At the TIM Academy, systems and methods of acquiring, disseminating, sharing and managing knowledge were strengthened and developed in 2019 to encourage organisational learning and bring skills in line with new business and technology contexts.

Training programme

One of the pillars of the plan for people is a programme of continuous training on digitalisation and updating skills.

The main areas of focus are:

  • Developing digital skills
  • Upgrading skills for roles and internationalisation
  • Management education
  • Language training
  • Institutional and corporate culture
  • Training plan for young staff

Training for change

The evolution of business skills calls for new tools to support the changes and increase awareness among our people. There are a series of initiatives to this end, including a project for developing digital skills.

  • The TIM Academy developed a digital course on target population for all the employees. This begins with a self-assessment of their knowledge and are then offered a training course certified under the EU's DigComp standard. The DigComp model is a Common European Framework of Reference for the development of digital skills.  The plan ended in March 2019 after training about 30,000 people and handing out more than 15,000 "open badges".
  • The project “Technological and business scenarios – The gigabit society”, with an initial online module on flexible methods and the new organisational logistics needed for effective management of innovation at the company.


Training for all

The online linguistic training platform has allowed us to create an English course, personalised by skill level, called “English@TIM”. This training offer for learning English is open to all our employees and aims to help people learn the language with a view to the digital transformation.

Training plan for young staff

In 2019 a training plan for young new employees  - the GRAD Programme -  was launched to spread awareness of the company and its processes, and help develop skills for roles. A similar path, dedicated to about 300 under-40s at the company -  the TIME Programme- , aims to strengthen specialist skills for roles and develop managerial skills.

Institutional and human rights training

This training aims to support the transformation of the organisational culture in line with the evolution of the social, environmental and economic context and at disseminating knowledge of the content required by law. To this end, institutional training is compulsory. It involves all staff and aims to raise awareness and spread skills on the topics of Market Abuse regulation and ISO 37001 on anti-corruption, and the topics of antitrust and regulation, as well as the GDPR - the General Data Protection Regulation - and the MiMiP - Minimum Privacy Measurement..

The 9 TIM Academy locations: Torino, Padova, Milano, Bologna, Roma, Bari, Palermo, Napoli, Genova.