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Nokia Replacing Huawei in Vodafone's German Core

Scelta fatta ancora prima della gara 5G


Vodafone has turned to Nokia instead of Huawei for some components used in the core of its German network, but insists the decision dates back two years and is unrelated to security issues.


LG Opens 6G Labs at KAIST

Ne parleremo tra 10 anni ma se non si incomincia...


LG Electronics announced on Monday a research and development plan for the sixth generation (6G) telecommunications in order to lead the future market.
LG opened a 6G research center within KAIST Institute, a research organization for technologies for the country’s economic development run by the Korea Advanced Institute of Technology in Daejeon Metropolitan City, which will be headed by Cho Dong-ho, professor of electrical engineering at KAIST.
The institute and LG will conduct joint projects on new technologies that connect 5G and 6G in a bid to move faster than competitors into the 6G market.
“LG will enhance research on telecom network technologies to be able to lead global standardizations for the sixth-generation network,” said Park Il-pyung, chief technology officer of LG.
The new center’s head Cho Dong-ho said, “It is significant that LG and KI take one step towards the network technologies for 10 years afterwards, which will be helpful to preparing for future industries.”
5G promises far faster speeds for mobile phones and its reduction of the latency, or delay, inherent in most existing networks is critical for real time integration between humans and machines. The upcoming 6G aims to integrate satellites for global coverage to provide far high data rates and faster Internet speeds than 5G, according to the International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology.
On the 5G network, LG has been focusing particularly on automotive communications technologies by teaming up with Qualcomm to develop Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything technologies, known as C-V2X, which will help deliver data at the speeds necessary in a real life driving situation.


Vodafone and Telefónica UK expand network sharing deal to 5G

La necessità di risparmiare…


Vodafone and Telefónica UK agreed to extend their existing network sharing partnership to include 5G at joint radio network sites and to upgrade their optical transmission networks.
The carriers said the expanded partnership will enable them to deploy 5G faster, to offer 5G services to more customers over a wider geographic area, and to do so at a lower cost. However, the companies plan to extend greater network autonomy in a number of larger cities by deploying their own separate radio equipment on approximately 2,500 sites, which represents around 15% of sites outside London.
In addition, Vodafone and O2 further intend to devolve additional activities to CTIL, the 50:50 owned joint venture company that owns and manages the parties’ passive tower infrastructure. This will empower CTIL to take an enhanced role in the operation of the passive infrastructure, in order to improve the efficiency of its operations and pursue opportunities to add further third party tenants to the towers. In that context, the parties will explore a potential monetisation of CTIL after the new arrangements have been finalised.
Nick Jeffery, CEO, Vodafone UK, said: “We believe that these plans will generate significant benefits for our business and our customers as we move into the digital era of connected devices, appliances and systems on a mass scale. Customers will benefit from the best 5G experience available and we will deliver even faster speeds by using our spectrum holding more effectively.”
Mark Evans, CEO, Telefónica UK, said: “I’m excited by the potential of these plans to meet the future needs of our customers while delivering value for our business.  In addition, these plans would allow us to utilise the spectrum we acquired in the last auction very effectively.”


AT&T sees record-breaking mobile data traffic at Super Bowl

Ogni utente ha fatto 100-150 Mbyte di traffico ... nemmeno tantissimo a pensarci!


AT&T reported a record 11.5 terabytes of mobile data flowing through its network during the Feb. 3 Super Bowl, while traffic within two miles of the stadium exceeded 23.5 terabytes. The data usage during the big game represents a 172% increase from that during the average match in 2018.

Telecompaper (Netherlands)


DT targets integrated SIM for IoT (eSIM)

L’era delle eSim si avvicina


Deutsche Telekom, working in partnership with industry partners, has led the development of nuSIM, which moves the SIM functionality from the physical SIM card directly to the chipset.
nuSIM is specifically designed for low-cost devices used in mobile IoT applications with a long life-span, such as asset trackers or smart motion or temperature sensors. It will be commercially available in the second half of 2019.
The partners include:

  • for chipsets: Altair Semiconductor, Commsolid/Goodix, HiSilicon, Nordic Semiconductor, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Sequans Communications, 
  • for modules: Quectel Wireless Solutions, Sierra Wireless, Telit, u-blox, Nordic Semiconductor.
  • for digital security: Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security.

“Deutsche Telekom has built a solid track record in IoT technology innovation over the past years. The most important success driver for us is to anticipate customer needs to make sure we enable their business success,” says Ingo Hofacker, Senior Vice President, responsible for the IoT business at Deutsche Telekom. “nuSIM, our rigorously optimized SIM solution for the cost-sensitive mobile IoT market is our latest endeavor and an important building block for our offering moving forward.”


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Report: Free to play games bring in $88B in 2018

Se 88B$ vi sembrano pochi ... è il fatturato di google + facebook!


Report: F2P games bring in $88B in 2018

Free-to-play games such as "Fortnite" brought in $88 billion in 2018, per SuperData's year-end report. The gaming market overall is worth $110 billion, about $61 billion of which comes from mobile gaming, the report states.

TechCrunch (1/18) 


Deloitte predicts 50k 5G smartphone in the UK by 2019-end

Per estrapolazione, in Italia a fine 2019 potrebbero esserci da 20 a 30.000 smartphones 5G


In total, Deloitte predicts roughly 20 handset brands will launch 5G-ready handsets across 2019, with shipments totalling one million. This is still a tiny fraction of the 1.5 billion smartphones which will be sold through the year, though 50,000 of them could be heading to the UK.


Orange targets home telesurveillance market, with launch of new JV in France

Un bell'esempio di partnership


Orange targets home telesurveillance market, with launch of new JV in France.
Orange is set to launch its own range of home telesurveillance products later in the year.
Orange has joined forces with French insurance giant, Groupama, to launch Protectline – a Joint Venture that will target business opportunities in the home telesurveillance sector.  The launch of Protectline will allow Groupama to increase its presence in the home telesurveillance market…


TMobile, AT&T e Sprint vendono i dati di localizzazione degli utenti senza chiedere il consenso

Le leggi USA sono competamente differenti da quelle Europee. La news fa riflettere...


Cellphone location data from T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint was sold to bail bondsmen.
The mobile operators have pledged to discontinue their relationships with location aggregators. But their pledges are completely voluntary. California is the only state that will soon allow consumers to opt out of data sharing.


Amazon working on streaming gaming platform - report

Il futuro del gaming e una delle forme di contenuto emergenti


Amazon has begun talking to games publishers about distributing their titles through its service, the report said. A launch isn't likely until next.

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Apple rolls out iTunes app on Samsung TVs

É una novità che la app Apple TV sia nativa su una smart tv, un segno di quanto ha bisogno di aumentare il suo spazio con la contrazione dell'iPhone


Apple has signed a new deal with Samsung that will allow customers to access existing iTunes content, or acquire new TV shows and movies, via an app on smart TVs. The move will help Apple expand into different areas as sales of the company's smartphones lag.

Reuters (1/6) 


AT&T launches mobile '5G+' (70$ per 15 GB/mese)

Prima "saponetta" 5G da AT&T in attesa degli smartphone ... ma che prezzi!


AT&T said it turned on its mobile 5G network in parts of a dozen cities via connections to a portable hotspot and is offering service to “select businesses and consumers” for free for at least the first three months.


Trattori a guida remota in giappone

Non solo auto ma trattori che forse saranno usati anche prima


 “Smart farming,” which brings together cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence, could hold the key to an agricultural resurgence in a nation of graying farmers and workers reluctant to toil in soil.
Major agricultural machinery makers are already pouring resources into developing new equipment, and the government is planning experiments to test self-driving tractors and other technologies at about 50 model farms starting next fiscal year.
A new robotic tractor was unveiled Jan. 15 at a research farm run by the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, a state research and development institute based in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture.