#Torino 5G Event: first remote controlled car

#Torino 5G Event:  first remote controlled car

A remote controlled standard car was one of the main innovative services that see 5G take another step forward in Turin, showing itself off to the general public through a series of “live” demos. TIM and Ericsson have switched on in Piazza Castello the first 5G antenna with millimetre waves in an Italian historical centre, which allowed the first driverless car controlled remotely over a 5G network. This system, by receiving all the information on the surrounding environment, allows a person to control the vehicle making it move remotely.
The demo, in collaboration with Objective Software, took place in an area inside Palazzo Madama where the remote control station was positioned with access to the relative video flows from outside and in an outside area in Piazza Castello where the car moved.
The control platform inside the car collects in real time multimedia data and content from the various sensors, video cameras and radars installed, which is then transmitted to the remote station taking advantage of the extreme reliability and security of the 5G network in terms of bandwidth to transmit the vehicle’s video flow and latency in sending the data provided. In the coming months this application will enable the start of the Smart Road project to test self-driving cars on a larger scale in some protected areas of the city.


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