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Joint Open Lab

When research and universities come together

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Five universities, 350 young people involved, including 200 directly working in Telecom Italia’s innovation areas. They are Joint Open Labs aimed at encouraging growth, research and development.

Joint Open Labs (JOLs), research and innovation laboratories set up within university centre, are the result of partnerships and agreements between Telecom Italia and major Italian universities in specific fields of scientific and technological interest.

JOLs are fully-functioning joint interdisciplinary laboratories where ideas and solutions are generated and new value added to the shared goals of research and innovation.

Thanks to the partnership between Telecom Italia and major Italian universities, they are widely located throughout Italy at the universities.

The laboratories bring many benefits to both Telecom Italia and the universities. On the one hand, they provide increased value creation while industrial transfer can be accelerated through joint development with the universities. On the other hand, industrial research is encouraged with new ideas and a new integrated entrepreneurship in innovative environments.

Activities at the JOLs are part of a virtuous cycle of three main components: Education (implementation and teaching of Master courses), Research (joint laboratories for selected areas of interest) and “Trial & Industrial Transfer” (field testing in areas of interest to the company, in which the universities excel). Five universities are involved in the initial phase, including the SKIL Lab in Trento, which was the first to be set up.

The idea, arising from the concepts of Open Innovation and Co-Development, involves bringing together innovative competencies at the same centre.

JOL's in short

  • 5 universities involved in the initial phase (Trento University, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Polytechnic University of Milan, Polytechnic University of Turin, Catania University)
  • 350 young people, including 200 working in Telecom Italia’s areas of innovation
  • Interdisciplinary teams focusing on university areas of excellence
  • “Open” research at an international level in collaboration with organisations such as the European Institute of Technology and MIT
  • Investment of 13 million euros (2012-2015)