The telephone is one of the very first technical objects that human beings easily become familiar to, at a very early age: even children, less than two years old, are willing to grasp it, take it in hand, listen to it and speak it through. Yet, if we think about it carefully, the phone is a highly complex object. In fact it is able to concentrate in very limited space – let’s say miniaturized – an incredible number of functions and technologies diverging from each other, i.e.: switching devices to turn voices into sound signals, and vice versa, numeric keypad, ringer, all of the kind being connected to and over the network.
So, how came the phone has been reshaped this way? Which other objects, unnoticed nowadays, have been called with the same name in the past decades?
Telecom Italia’s Historical Archive shows up a collection of vintage phones, and lead us back through history, as to discover a significant part of our daily lives, someway disregarded.


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