TIM Big Data Challenge: the 10 finalists

The TIM Big Data Challenge, the competition focused on creating and developing innovative technological ideas in the field of Big Data, is drawing to a close. Officially opened in May, the competition has involved many enthusiasts and professionals in the sector from all over the world, who have had the opportunity, over the months, to interact and face the challenge:  Big Data for Competitiveness Boost: how can data contribute to the growth and competitiveness of Italy?

It is not only a real opportunity for researchers, professionals and enthusiasts but also a chance to interact on a very topical subject: How can we organise and correlate the digital data that is always all around us so that they can actually improve the life of individuals, companies and the community?

Many people answered this question by producing innovative concrete projects but only 10 were selected by the competition panel of judges for the final event to be held at the Big Data Jam, in Rome on 21 September. The event, dedicated to the finalists who, on this occasion, will be able to show their project to the public, will especially focus on the award ceremony for the winners.

Let's find out more about the finalists.


Here are the 10 selected projects

  • AirMAP - Air pollution exposure using Mobile phone-based Activity Patterns (AirMAP) - Academic Track
  • Florian Goossens for Datatonic - Investor Atlas - Industrial Track
  • IBIMET - BigAir (BigData driving next generation of Air quality numerical models) - Academic Track
  • Sixth Sense - Intuition @ Milan - Industrial Track
  • UrbaNet Team - Mobile Traffic Signatures in the Urban Landscape - Academic Track
  • Modeling Laboratory group, INAIL DIMEILA Dep.nt - AssessmenT of metropolitan populaTion mobility and its influence on air pollution Exposure by integrated models and Mobile Phone data (ATTEMPt) - Academic Track
  • UNIMORE - Interaction Diversity to Measure Social Capital: a data-driven analysis of north-south divide in Italy - Academic Track
  • RiskPredictorAcademic Track
  • Uni.Lu - A Novel Multi-Criteria Happiness Index for Cities (H-index) - Academic Track
  • IBM Research - togetThere: leveraging Big Data and mobile information for smarter tourism - Industrial Track