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Big Data for Big Ideas. Innovation gets a free hand!

TIM Big Data Challenge is a contest created to stimulate innovation concerning Big Data. We are looking for professionals, researchers and enthusiasts from all over the world, ready to challenge each other and develop the Big Data projects of the future.

This year's theme is Big Data for Competitiveness Boost: how can data help a country grow and become more competitive?

The last edition proved to be incredibly popular, with more than 1,100 people taking part from more than 20 different countries, submitting over a 100 design ideas.

What about you? Are you ready for the challenge?


Big Data for Big Ideas. Innovation gets a free hand!

Big Data Challenge 2014

How does the TIM Big Data Challenge work?

Thanks to the partners participating in the initiative, TIM makes the largest heterogeneous Big Data dataset available to all those taking part, to allow them to use their imagination and skills to find the most interesting and innovative way by which to use it.

The contest is open to individual professionals, academic or industrial entities and businesses.

The most promising ideas will be rewarded at the end of the contest in an event to be held in Rome in the month of September, the Big Data Jam.


Data packages and tracks

Big Data Challenge participants can choose either of the two tracks proposed to develop projects around the theme of Big Data for Competitiveness Boost.

The tracks are:

  • Academic Track: dedicated to researchers and university students developing highly innovative solutions, albeit in an experimental state
  • Industrial Track: for industrial professionals proposing more consolidated solutions, suitable for transfer to the market in the short- or medium-term.

Participants have two months within which to prepare their ideas. Of all ideas sent, a short list of the ten most promising (five per track), will be chosen. Of these, a selected panel will then reward the best idea for each track.

The data supplied as part of the Big Data Challenge dataset will be geo-referenced, anonymous, related to national territory, heterogeneous and regard the period March - April 2015.

The data made available to the Big Data Challenge can be used to create scientific publications even beyond the terms of the contest (see regulation for details).


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